Tag: Washington Post

T.M. Shine

Net Neutrality, Sex, Falconry: In One Week, I Crashed as Many D.C. Conferences as Possible.

“For me, this week is an opportunity to glimpse the florescent-lit underbelly of the city, to hear what is constantly being discussed, analyzed and broken down into bullet points behind closed doors — and, in the process, to improve my knowledge of, well, basically everything.”

Gene Weingarten

I Spent a Week Evading Current Events. Here’s What I Learned.

“Initially, I was reluctant — we are in hair-raising times where all news is bizarrely accelerated and supposed ‘news cycles’ no longer exist. News is now a continuous, hemorrhagic blast fueled by a wildly irresponsible presidency. Bad news can morph to worse news in an instant, and it is the duty of decent citizens to […]

Maura Judkis

I Used Every Pumpkin Spice Product I Could Find for a Week. Now my Armpits Smell Like Nutmeg.

“I ended up with more than 40 products. I’m writing this story after a breakfast of pumpkin spice toast, pumpkin spice yogurt with pumpkin granola, and an iced pumpkin spice chai, sitting next to a flickering pumpkin spice candle, because I am seeking pumpkin spice enlightenment.”