Tag: Tech

T.M. Shine

Net Neutrality, Sex, Falconry: In One Week, I Crashed as Many D.C. Conferences as Possible.

“For me, this week is an opportunity to glimpse the florescent-lit underbelly of the city, to hear what is constantly being discussed, analyzed and broken down into bullet points behind closed doors — and, in the process, to improve my knowledge of, well, basically everything.”

Carolyn Sun

I Tried Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Spiral-Notebook’ Productivity Hack for 30 Days. Here Are My 5 Takeaways.

“It’s a hack that allows for a lot of autonomy in the sense that the Sheryl notebook obviously doesn’t make judgment calls on priorities or understand how long each tasks takes — you’re in charge of that. Here’s how my 30-day experiment went down, along with my five big takeaways.”

Brian Reinhart

We Found Three Fake Dallas Restaurants on Google Maps, So We Created Our Own

“I went rogue. I made my own fake restaurant. I called it We Make Donuts and located it in Oak Cliff. Using the Hipster Logo Generator and a free paintbrush app, I created a logo featuring two doughnuts being sliced by katanas. Some friends and I dreamed up a suitably preposterous concept: We Make Donuts […]