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Chelsea Hassler

I Let Alexa Run My Life For a Day — Here’s Why I’m Keeping Her Around Forever

“I relinquished control of all of the material objects in my Queens apartment, signing each and every item over to Alexa and formally giving her the power to do what needed to be done. In order to leave no stone (or obligation) unturned, I strategically placed Amazon devices in my sister’s apartment and my childhood […]

Hannah Weil McKinley

My Husband Dressed Me For a Week, and It Changed the Way I Dress Myself

“Still, like most men he has some strong feelings about what he thinks I should be wearing and most of the time it skews a whole lot sexier than I’m comfortable with. I assumed inappropriately tight silhouettes and revealing necklines would feature prominently in the week to come, and I immediately resolved to wear a […]