Tag: For Two Weeks

Sonya Mann

I Ate Nothing but Meat for 2 Weeks. Here’s What It Was Like.

“In late January, I made the impulsive decision to try out the diet myself. I was encouraged by Michael Goldstein, the president of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, which is named after bitcoin’s mysterious inventor, and by my editor, who thought it would be hilarious. (Editor’s note: This is true, and it was.)”

Erin Brodwin

I Spent 2 Weeks Texting a Bot About my Anxiety — and Found it To Be Surprisingly Helpful

“The newest of these tech-based treatments is Woebot, an artificially intelligent chatbot (and recently launched app) that uses the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT — one of the most heavily researched clinical approaches to treating depression. I spent two weeks using the tool. Here’s how it went.”

Justine Harman

I Let My Husband Dress Me for 2 Weeks. It Was a Disaster.

“I’m a hyperspecific dresser—with a penchant for Pierre Hardy heels and well-tailored-but-cheeky separates from Tomas Maier, Atlantique Ascoli, and Tibi—who also happens to be 12 weeks pregnant. And, against my better judgment, I’ve given power of attorney over my wardrobe to my husband, a private equity suit and former professional lacrosse player whose idea of […]