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Claire Hodgson

“I Got Up at 5 a.m. for a Week to See if I Could Become a Morning Person”

“And can those extra hours make the day feel longer, reduce stress and make me more productive? I decided to find out, by setting my alarm at 5am every single day, for a week. No gadgets, no tricks, no personal barista, just an iPhone alarm and a desire to be less miserable pre-10am.”

Danielle Tullo

This Is What Happened When I Gave Up Caffeine for a Week

“Before I started my week away from coffee, I said to my boss, ‘I hope you still think I am good at my job without caffeine,’ and nervously laughed. Her response was something like, ‘You’ll just get a headache — you’ll be fine.’ I hoped that’s all that would happen, but I wasn’t convinced. Things […]