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Rachel Handler

I Ate and Drank Like Olivia Pope for a Week, and I Didn’t Die

“If I ate and drank like Olivia for a week, I wondered, would I also inspire equal parts fear and lust in everyone around me? Would my nightly bowls of popcorn chased with bowls of wine turn me into a brilliant, hot, killing machine? More importantly: Would I actually survive to figure it out?”

Jen Aloisi Ham

I Lived Like Miley Cyrus For a Week, and It Convinced Me to Keep Up Her Fave Diet

“Since I was already rocking a pretty solid grown-out balayage look and mastered a successful breakup and makeup with my then boyfriend, now husband, when I too was in my 20s, I decided to focus specifically on Miley’s eating and fitness routine — a vegan diet, mixture of Pilates and Yoga, and good vibes (and […]