Rachel Handler

I Ate and Drank Like Olivia Pope for a Week, and I Didn’t Die

“If I ate and drank like Olivia for a week, I wondered, would I also inspire equal parts fear and lust in everyone around me? Would my nightly bowls of popcorn chased with bowls of wine turn me into a brilliant, hot, killing machine? More importantly: Would I actually survive to figure it out?”

Stephanie Ashe

I’m an American Who Ate Like a French Person for a Week — and it Showed me Just How Different Our Diets Really Are

“Before this experiment I looked at differences between French and American diets and was confident following a typical French diet would be no problem at all. After all, there are no strict rules, and it would give me an excuse to eat more bread and cheese. What could go wrong?”

Jen Aloisi Ham

I Lived Like Miley Cyrus For a Week, and It Convinced Me to Keep Up Her Fave Diet

“Since I was already rocking a pretty solid grown-out balayage look and mastered a successful breakup and makeup with my then boyfriend, now husband, when I too was in my 20s, I decided to focus specifically on Miley’s eating and fitness routine — a vegan diet, mixture of Pilates and Yoga, and good vibes (and […]

Sam Gutierrez

I Dressed Like Every Kardashian for a Week — and Learned Why You Should Never be Afraid to Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

“I’ve personally always been a fan of the way the Kardashians dress for a few reasons. First of all, they are constantly coming up with out-there outfits that look great. Color-blocked leather pants with a matching jacket? Sure. Sky-high heels with sweats and a hoodie? Why not.”